Is Sharing A Choice?

I thought about sharing, and how it would make a better world – shobana-

6 Comments on “Is Sharing A Choice?

  1. Good to see you, Shobana!
    Wonderfully written and spoken! Sharing is the base of all good thought and action. It teaches kindness and compassion and the strength to part with what we have so that others may benefit too.
    You always add a tender touch to such powerful thoughts.
    Keep writing, speaking, and inspiring. 🙂

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    • Hi Terveen, how are you? Thank you for your constant motivation. It is a wonderful feeling. I am still in the baby stages of Youtube, ha.ha. so this platform gives me a little more confidence to speak my thoughts. I’m glad if my messages come across. Stay blessed – shobana

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    • Hi Deluar, I have read some of your work and followed. They are wonderful, inspiring words of wisdom. The Notion Press Outpublish program is offering a scholarship of Rs5000 for writers who publish with them. If you are interested, please send me an email, with your name and telephone number. A notion press consultant will get in touch with you for our manuscript and other detail. Thank you.

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