When Martin Luther had a dream

An excerpt from my book, A Christmas Duet, which was published through Notion Press Pte. Ltd. In 2018.

They did a remarkable job, from the onset of me sending in my manuscript, selecting the design, up till the book came out of the oven😊

Martin Luther had a dream

One that brought about great strides in transformation

For his people

Could it be achieved if he hadn’t been bold in his action?


To dream the impossible is a challenge

To make that dream possible brings about happiness indescribable

To attain the intense pride in it, is one of absolute success


Why falter with doubts that create tension?

Live a carefree life?

Will there ever be a chance?

Is it possible to attain a carefree life?

Unless you are a child in question.

(A story of obsessive love for a younger woman – my first book of fiction that I published in the first narrative with poetic laments)


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