What is it about love?

What is it about love? he asked, as they lay on the sprawling meadows, looking up, counting stars, and hoping to catch a comet blazing across the sky,

It wasn’t like he had never asked her that question before?

She knew he loved her replies.

She thought of another answer than the one she had given just hours before.

Love? It is as heavenly as the sight before us,

If you think the stars dazzle, you must know then how love can illuminate a heart,

It gives you a reason to smile,

That first time for everything between you and him.

That touch, that lingering caress, that gentle heartbeat that you hear as you lay your head on his shoulders.

They are moments that cannot be regained.


I knew I was in love, when it felt like I stood on the highest mountain,

and it felt like the skies that moved grazed the edges of earth’s horizons,

to build a momentum of rush, a feeling of nostalgia, and trace blissfulness.


You have to treat love as an adornment.

Just like how the dark sky is adorned by the stars to create the most splendorous sight,

leaving you spellbound.


4 Comments on “What is it about love?

  1. This is so beautiful, Shobana. Have to know love to feel this bliss. It really is out of this world. Your words capture it softly and gently. πŸ™‚


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