Little Angels

I thought about angels today,

Little angels that have beautiful wings to fly,

Don’t think that they are not prone to childish tantrums,

They fight, they scream, they refuse to share,

and like me chase a dream.


Cute little angels that fly somewhere above,

where mornings and nights are at the tap of a wand,

“Let’s see sunrise,” says one and with a wave of a wand,

And behold there on the horizon, between sea and sky,

sunrise appears.


He flies away contented that his world was a colored rainbow light.


Tell me about that dream you are chasing.


One Comment on “Little Angels

  1. These angels are so cute. I’m sure they have a naughty side.
    We’re all chasing some dream or another. Some closely guarded, others easily shared.
    Hope everyone’s dreams see the light of day.
    And maybe a rainbow too. 🙂

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