Walking Through Beauty, Timeless Footsteps


Walking Through Beauty, Timeless Footsteps

Paperback version with colorful illustrations available on Amazon.

Look out for the Kindle version on promotion for a limited time. Coming out soon – USD0.99
Incorporating magnetic poetry which includes:

The Beautiful Rose Whisperer

It is the roses that bloom radiant and free, they speak to my heart, my mind, and my soul, they listen sometimes to my fears, unshown.

Many times I have heard their whispers. One day I whispered to a red rose that I had admired for days on end. It was still fresh and vibrant. It seemed to create mastery in me. I said, “You hold me captive with your color. You inspire me to write of you, Your fragrance I cherish till the next morning dew, When there are two more roses that bloom in full view.” “O, the Rose of blood-red, you stand out in a crowd, You make the gift of others to me so small, You magnify love, You magnify beauty, And I am the luckiest to have a friend in you.”

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