Simply Summer

Port Dickson, September 2020

This photo was taken last year when my daughter was down with her family for a holiday. Amidst the pandemic, we went ahead with a holiday away from home. It had been years since we holidayed together as a family. My daughter works abroad.

It is summer now, and Malaysia is blessed with great tropical weather.

A little reminiscing, when you suddenly think about how time flies.

Well, May is almost on its way out.

It is good to take photos when with family or other occasions. You can always look back at them and remember the good times.

Look at what is happening around the world. Life is too short. For some every moment, every second counts. I learned it the hard way, after losing two siblings and my dad unexpectedly.

Stay safe – shobana

3 Comments on “Simply Summer

  1. Beautiful photos, Shobana. We don’t realize the importance of what we have till we lose it. Family moments should always be treasured. Hope you have many more in the future. Things will get better. 🙂

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