When People Keep Away

I live in a quiet neighborhood, where the only regular sounds are from the chirping of the birds, and occasional cars that drive past my house. Then, there are those motorbike riders that deliver food, quite rampant, since the restaurants are closed to patronage. Only take-aways are allowed. Apart from that, the area is devoid of activity right now.

There is a park nearby. Once, it was filled with joggers, a tai chi group that congregate every morning, children, and adults who sit and while away the hours under shades of tall trees. Now, there is barely anyone. You may find a couple or two, but everyone is afraid of the virus and social distancing has taken root.

What is social distancing? It is one of those things that keep people away from people, emphasizing the danger that humans pose to their own species. A survival mechanism, where humans are eyed with suspicion and only considered for interaction through digital appliances.


I was thinking how the quiet gets into one’s way of life. After sometime, it becomes a norm and noise of any kind gets to you.

Just like living sheltered lives, you seek the quiet in everything you do. These are days when you breathe in the quiet.


I went out to get some breakfast this morning, just for a drive which sometimes I do, maybe to get away from the quiet. But, all I see is downcast faces around me. People don’t really smile anymore. I don’t really look at them too. There is so much at stake, especially with our lives.

Today, I wanted so badly for the world to be as it was before. However, it has dawned on me that it will never get to be that way again. Have we lost it somewhere between ignorance and dysfunctionality?

Keep safe – shobana

July, 11, 2019 – My Park.

4 Comments on “When People Keep Away

  1. Shobana, not only does the world resemble a ghost town, people have become so dispirited. This wasn’t something any of us were prepared for. But life doesn’t announce its plan beforehand. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The park is beautiful but so empty.

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    • Yes, everywhere it has become like a ghost town. Not much activity because of the lockdown, Terveen. People are afraid. Thank you for your reading and commenting.

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