A Pertinent Question on FB

Good morning everyone. it is a bright and sunny day here in Malaysia this morning. I hope all of you are in the pink of spirits and are keeping safe.

Yesterday, someone asked a pertinent question on Facebook, where my friends and followers number more than 5,000. Thank you so much for your kind patronage and support. I appreciate it very much. He said: Tell me something about yourself?

So, I am answering the question here with a third-person short-bio. I hope this answers your question, Sir.

Shobana Gomes is a poet and a writer from Malaysia. She started writing in an international writing blog, Blogit, in the year 2007.

There, she rose to become one of the highly appraised poets for her vivid imagination and gift of words. Her poem, The Speeding Train, was equated to that of Robert Frost’s style of writing.

As she progressed in her writing with the support of her Blogit friends, in July 2010, she started her blog, A Little Time With Shobana, https://alittletimewithshobana.blogspot.com, her homepage now.

In the summer of 2012, she published her first book of poetry titled, Imagination Unchained. She has since published children’s books and novels on Amazon.

In 2019, she was invited to be a volunteer reviewer for The Wilbur & Niso Smith Foundation, Young Authors for Tomorrow (11 years and under) competition, a feat she was very proud of.

Among her other notable credits, her poem, The Potter’s Clay, was published in the International Forum for the Literature of Culture and Peace (IFLAC) newsletter, as a peace initiative contribution in 2014. (please refer to her About Me page).

Shobana has a poetic mission in life. She wants to create a better world for the children of the future. She advocates treasuring the gift of life and believes in the magic of poetry.

Her immersive poetry on beauty, nature, love, and life, can be found on her website, Simply Shobana, https://simplyshobana.net with the tagline – Treasure those poetic moments, you will never experience them twice, which showcases her passion, thoughts, and love for the things that mean the most to her.

It is there in your mind, that beauty that you envision and dream of, find it, and believe in its magic – shobana

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