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-Pablo Picasso-

Imagine, in that place where you and I step into,

there are no wingless birds, the clouds are robust during the day, and the night sky is illuminated by tiny flecks of stardust,

there, the dreamers waltz to love songs.


Imagine, the sea dancing to the colors of the sunsets, in some places they reflect the orange, and towards the horizons, crimson, words often flow onto pages, uninterrupted, there the tides of wisdom by the poet, the inspirer, the one who sees beauty beyond imagination.


Imagine, a world of peace, like those dreamed of by the soulful voices of the past, of John Lennon and men like him, gone before their time. There must surely be one who would stand for steadfastness in this world where men are swayed by power, might, wealth and greed. There must surely be one who would stand up for humanity. There must surely be one who would see crime for what it is.


Can you imagine it the way I do? Would there come a time for the wingless to be winged once more?


I was just thinking about all the injustices that are taking place throughout the world while listening to John Lennon’s Imagine, a meaningful song that I love. It is sad that many will walk away in the face of injustice and turn a blind eye to the wrongs around them. I have learned to live with fear for years, and the only way to overcome it, is to face it. It is not that I have the courage to stand up to my fears all the time, but, it is the only way to survive its control over me. Fear breaks you away from freedom – shobana

2 Comments on “Imagine

  1. You’re so right, Shobana. Fear is debilitating. An invisible monster that keeps us trembling in a dark corner. The only way to be rid of it is to face it and fight it. There’s no escaping otherwise. Thanks for sharing this!

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