Like the rain

It rained, and everywhere we looked there were downcast skies, dampening our lives, like the rain in our hearts.


It is a rainy morning here in Malaysia. Maybe the storm of clouds are releasing the pent up emotions of the disasters taking place around the world.

The skyscrapers are partly hidden and from a distance the image portrayed a vague outlook of a city immersed in clouds of ambiguity.

Just like our lives, clouded at the moment with so much tragedy around us.

I was thinking about the tsunami that took countless lives in 2006, then, it was the water that was the threat. Today it is the air that we breathe that is contaminated.

Something has gone very wrong along the way, a tragic consequence to be exact, that is taking us on a self-inflicting path to destruction.

Be safe everyone, life is falling apart at every angle at the moment. Let’s save each other’s lives by social distancing.


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