A Mother’s Day Poem

I knew you Mom as I lay in your womb
With a love so intense 
I cherished every song that you sang me
and felt your tender touch

As I grew in your likeness
A passion grew within me
I knew that no matter what went wrong
You would stand by me

There is none as precious as you
None that can withstand your sacrifices
As I celebrate this Mother’s Day with you
I celebrate my Gift of Life
And am thankful God chose you Mom
to be my guide all through my life..


(Repost of a poem I wrote in 2016 on my blog, https://cardsforallseason.blogspot.com/2016/05/mothers-day-poem.html )

This photo was taken on my birthday last year. She stood by me while I cut the cake, as always by my side.

My mother is a great motivator and an inspiration. She worked hard for us. As we were growing up, apart from looking after the family, she used to teach little kids in the air force neighborhood, she ran a successful food business ( she is a great cook), a cookery business to supplement the household income, sewed our clothes for special occasions, and altogether was a multi-tasking mom. Until she fell ill and is now unable to carry on with her fiery spirit in doing things, she kept every one of us on our toes. She is still a force to be reckoned with. Happy Mother’s Day, Ma.

To all the mothers out there, and especially to those who have left behind their legacy to their children by their untimely passing, Happy Mother’s Day!!


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