Another hate note on Linkedin

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 5:53 AM

Hey I was talking into my phone. I’m so sorry I didn’t check it before I sent. Lol Hello my name is Lil Gary from East Texas. I’ve been writing for over a year now on I have accumulated over 3000 followers. As well as won over 200 contest. All poetry offered me a radio show that I do once the month . I’m on my 6th episode now. I’ve participated in two poetry slam and I won them both. I just can’t seem to get published! I’m not sure why , because I’m pretty popular it seems. I’m very different in the way that I’m writing. Been told I’m an up to date copy of Borkowski. I have since looked him up and disagree with it. I’m one of a kind! lol I sent you a link and if you have the time could you check me out ? Maybe you could give me a million dollars, help me get published, or show me the direction I should go. Thanks for your time….Unless your given me the money! If so I love you for being a rich dummy! lol


I have been keeping quiet for a long, long time. This time I will highlight it. I don’t care who you are:-

I am saying it again, if you don’t like how or what I write either for my religion, race or any other reason, don’t read me. If you don’t like me as a writer, that is your problem, not mine. I didn’t ask you to. Don’t come anywhere near me. I don’t have to take any kind of abuse from anyone. Leave me alone, and mind your own business – shobana

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    • Did you? Well, I think I have said it all for most of us. I don’t usually comment, disregarding messages like this, but after having a nasty comment from another website editor, guess I thought I would retaliate. It is really not worth your time, but sometimes people like this need to be put in their places. Thanks Brandon.

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