Then Came The Book

It is the creative flow that I seek, that beautiful images that I hope to paint with words,

One day on a high, the next mellow, and then eclipses into a drama of sorts,

Then came the book!


Today I for the first time, an editor of an established website made a comment that I had understood for years was happening with my writing. Only, I just carried on.

Though I felt belittled, I am not shaken.

There was an ongoing story that I was writing on their website, an entry for a contest. I had just entered my story and was writing it day by day.

I saw that within a space of a few days, there were around 600+ views of my story. So, I asked him why no one says anything about the story. Is there a way for me to get any feedback on the storyline was what I was thinking. Because on the other websites, the readers were commenting and giving their feedback.

And, the editor’s words were, “If they don’t think your book is worth their time or have nothing to say about it, then they won’t write a review”

I thought he could have phrased it better. I was definitely not rude to him.

So I told him that I wanted to delete my entry. It was really no use if I don’t get the support of the readers. I will definitely be sidelined when it came to the contest.

Then he said I cannot delete my profile, and I asked him why? He said it was like that on their website. I can delete my chapters but not my profile.

And then after more dialogue, as I kept asking him “How to delete the story icon, and the title.

He very eloquently asked,

Did you get it?
(06:55:00 AM) Shobana_Gomes: No, I cannot delete the title and picture. I want to erase it to send it elsewhere. Otherwise it will show published on internet search
(06:55:17 AM) Change them to something else
(06:55:34 AM) : Honestly though, I don’t think anyone would be searching for your book,

and then I ticked him off for being rude, before he finished with.
Good luck with your future endeavors I suppose.


He has actually said it to my face. I have faced this situation for the longest time. People read me, even in my previous blogs but no one comments or says anything.

I want to point out that this kind of discrimination is so uncalled for. I am actually quite apprehensive when it comes to saying much to writers or editors because I don’t think they think much of me or my writing. And, they show it so blatantly.

But, I will write because it has become something I love doing. I write what comes to mind in a genuine manner.

It is just that as an editor or a writer, no one has the right to take away my dignity and pride. I don’t do that to them and I expect the same respect. I never hurt anyone intentionally. Why then do they feel the need to make me feel inadequate or small? – shobana

7 Comments on “Then Came The Book

  1. There is a saying in Sanskrit, swantah sukhay, that means work that one enjoys doing. This is what you are doing, Shobana, and please continue to do so. If others in the process also enjoy, it’s well and good. We should not get distracted by such creatures. Stay happy and blessed!!

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  2. Impossible to deal with these people out there. You’re doing the right thing to ignore it and move on.

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