Blue Tears of Pulau Sembilan

This remarkable phenomenon is caused by micro-organisms known as dinoflagellates. The tiny cells produce a bioluminescent glow when disturbed.

The rare plankton emits a blue glow at dusk, along the infamous Pulau Sembilan (Pulau means Island in the Malay language), off Perak, Malaysia.

It is a much sought after tourist destination due to its unique, gorgeous, illuminating blue tinge that emits spell-binding reflections in the dark.

Blue Tears.

On the shores of Pulau Sembilan,

A thousand lights of blue line the shores,

A sight to behold when dusk falls,

Akin to blue tears they say.

that glows, and illuminates the dark,

I say even the stars above pale in comparison,

The constellation’s hue stands rivalled by its sheer luminance.

The Island transforms,

Into a blue tinged paradise every night,

Radiating light as far as the eye can see,

Attracting the curious,

Creating a sensational spectacle,

No words can articulate.


Some walk the shores to leave imprints of feet,

of blue tears, of bluish tints, of blue dazzling hints of wonder,

Silenced by the captivating phenomenon,

that is rare, precious and that adorns nature.


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