Summer and Sun

He once asked her about Summer and Sun.

Why does the warmth of a summer hold captive the Sun?

Like a fabled land somewhere in an exotic land,

Where sometimes the Sun charades as the Moon,

And the Stars blink away pockets of clouds that stand in their way,

To enrapture the valleys below,

She, amongst vision.


The summer is the reason that Sun can outshine its brilliance,

And, summer knows that the Sun can’t do without a season to reap its benefits,

Why, don’t the birds nest, don’t the wild animals run free, don’t the wildflowers grow tall,

Don’t you and I breathe freely?

The summer holds captive the Sun for these reasons and many,

It is the time for love too, Can’t you see it when a man walks with his woman,

unheeding, when time stands still, on meadows of green, amongst the flowers so preen.


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