A chequered sky and a beauty

It is a free bird that captures the attention of friends and lovers,

Not the tortured ones, or the neglected species, they only capture interest,

The free bird belongs to a chequered sky and a beauty.


An injured lies amidst soil and grime,

Some may help while others may say, “Let her die, for she is not of the human race, she is an alien from outer space.”

For her dignity lies not in their favor, only the tiresome thoughts about her difference,

But then, when they see her blood trickling down her sorry body,

They see a similarity, and still, some may admonish her for having the likeness that they do,

But do they know, that her bloodied path to reveal her likeness is to tell the world surrounding that no matter the color of the crime, when a bad deed goes unpunished, the blood that trickles to form a river will tarnish the most revered of the wicked.


Indifference to crime will never go unpunished – shobana

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