A spark of hope persist

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You rose triumphant as the hours of the night disappear into your risen sky,

Giving us a reason to look up to you with new eyes,

The Sun of hope I shall call you,

Lighting up the world, giving us a new meaning to our lives, just like your rising.

The majestic mountains may one day tell its story,

Perhaps, even before another risen sky comes into view,

It whispers now as it stands between heaven and earth,

It has stood firm, withstanding the darkest tribulations that had come its way.

The winds however are quiet this time round,

They do carry with them the cries of those below,

The cries of hurt, anguish and sorrow,

The cries that go unheard,

For their tears speak more.

A spark of hope still persists, that there is no more room for hurting another generation of hopefuls,

who seek the solace of a just world where no one is hurt for one reason or another.


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