When Love Rose Amongst the Flowers

There were days of sweet roses, the kind that perfumes your soul.

Not only did it lighten your heart, its beauty was a vision to behold.

She remembers another spring from another time,

There were not only the roses, but flowers of every kind,

Of full bloom, buds crowned tender and dew-kissed shoots.

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When the leaves out grew the branches, and the little dew-kissed buds bloomed a little more,

The Garden became a trove of nature’s prized attraction.

In that place of beauteous surroundings,

He asked her to marry him.

It seemed the perfect time, a wonderland of euphoria,

She said yes, for not only did the perfumed garden feed her hungry soul,

It added an enchantment to her dew-kissed love.

They were the remnants of a time past gone,

When Spring preceded Winter,

When love rose amongst the flowers,

Fresh as dew,

Blooming in its wakeness,

And remained true forever more.


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