Passion Sunday

Passion Sunday or Palm Sunday commemorates the start of the holy week leading to Easter Sunday.

The Christians celebrate Palm Sunday to honor Jesus Christ’s victorious entry into Jerusalem.
It is a joyous occasion for his followers and represents a victory of spirit over the flesh in Christian iconography. However, the event marks the last days of Jesus’s life before being crucified on Good Friday.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus enters Jerusalem through the Golden Gate located on the eastern side of Jerusalem’s old city wall facing the Mount of Olives right across the Kidron valley.

He sat on a young donkey while making his way there. People threw their cloaks on the ground, and some laid out palm branches on the road he rode, while others waved the palm branches in the air.

Some interesting facts on Palm Sunday and Lent:

Red is the color of blood and martyrdom and worn on the feasts of martyrs, Palm Sunday, Pentecost, and Good Friday.

The celebrations of the passions are in green.

Priests wear Purple or Red vestments on Palm Sunday. Blue symbolizes the Virgin Mary.

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday). The Lenten fast lasting 40 days excludes Sundays where meat is allowed.

Ashes from the palm leaves are used for Ash Wednesday celebrations the following year.

Have a blessed Holy Week – shobana

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