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How do you begin your story if you had to tell it in tales?

Does the book have to have the perfect title, or cover? Does it need perfection between the pages or would a grammar mistake take it to the trash? Do you think you could lay out your whole life in words without a picture?

Do you think you have a perfect story to tell? Or do you need a picture book to tell your tales?

Does not the wise say, it is not the package, but what’s inside that matters?

Stories are told with your heart at the tip of your fingers. That way, they relay much more than tales, they become an intimate account of experiences, adventures and life hacks and those are the times the words become pictures. They are clear and transparent.

I have read masterpieces on plain covers and thought about how it has stood the test of time. Those covers have glorified the intensity of a story, making it the respectable entity that it is, a force of its own. These days, the cover must match the title, and title must have relevance to the story.

Have you thought about writing something that is off the mark from the title of the book?

That would perhaps make it a questionable book!!

It would probably be a best seller in a futuristic sense.


4 Comments on “Tales

  1. Very interesting thoughts. Years ago, covers of books did not need pictures to entice interest. Today, we are such a visually simulated people, a plain cover would be overlooked. With many, individuals are the same. A plain person is ignored. Individuals must be aesthetically pleasing to garner attention. What is on the inside, however, is what matters.

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