The Wildflowers and Sunshine

Pretty wildflowers, do you dance in the wind to attract butterflies as they flitter about carefree, tirelessly spreading their wings? Have you wondered at those patterned wings, soft and delicately painted as nature’s fine imprints. They are made into endearing impressions by fine craftsmen who meander, foraging the greens for the beauty that shows off Spring.

You are the delight of the Sun King. Its rays beam in radiance from the far corners of the sky, just so its warmth can awaken the gentle flowering attraction in you. I know you love the touch of the warm Sun for it brings out the different hues in you. The red in you glows while the greens and other hues mellow with the sunshine.

The meadows, they turn a shade or two brown. They were barren land before you sprinkled them with your beauty and sun-kissed trails of dainties, rising from its ground with grace and an added touch of dignity.

It is with dignity that you stand tall against the Sun.

Pretty wildflowers, the butterflies are so much part of your charade. They fly while you stand tall, against the warming skies, in a meadow that was once green and now is browned by the flaming Sun.


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