A bouquet for World Happiness Day!

I thought a while about things that made me happy,

Why not? Let’s lock away sadness and throw away the key…

“So, what made you happy today, Shobana?”

I twirl around with the glee of a child, My smile I’m sure said it all.

“Well?” the voice in the wilderness probed.

I woke up just before dawn, so happy that I still had that heart beating madness for life that still wanted me around.

The Sun hadn’t risen, nor was the light in the far distance upon me yet, the stars were there yet still.

The world was still asleep, and I heard that beautiful sound of silence…

It spoke to me in a way – Saying,

“Be well, the dawn awakes you Shobana, awaken your soul and smile,

for your smile lights up each day, when you are gifted another day.”

Another day of life makes me happy. I nearly lost it yesterday, the day before, and the years before,

When I stood forlorn, unhappy, and alone, Not a soul to know of my woes, my pain, my groans,

Yes, that sunrise, the free birds, that drive in the car, the songs on the radio, that little humming voice of reason, the reminders of good times, family moments, or the flowers that bloom and the soft touch of the breeze, then the sunset, and the colored skies, the rain and mist, I love them all.

they make me happy to be alive.

Cherish the gift of life, love freely, embrace happiness for the little things, and let the world be as carefree as you and I.


And yes, I did smile – the smile of a gifted child.

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