What Do You Teach Your Young These Days.

I think of children these days with a little bit of melancholy.

The times are still as primitive as they were from the beginning, shallow in thoughts and deeds.
The world may have reaped the benefits of modern thoughts on diversity, but the value of life is bereft, of racial tolerance, religious understanding, and sincere friendships.

Family lives are distorted, by independent living, careless disregard for relationships, and selfish achievements.

What do you teach your young these days?

Maybe that the stars are his to conquer, and while doing so, ignore the basics of human empathy, ignore the need for compassion and understanding.

Hey mom, I am busy with work right now,but guess what, I managed to outwit John in the assignment,and am top of the class.

And in that short sentence, this child has told us his priorities!

I have faced many such setbacks, but the most I have been discriminated against is, to not be recognized as equal, on par with the like-minded and yes, who knows maybe even for my color, and all of the above squalid reasons.

Then maybe I should live in a bubble because the world out there isn’t made for diverse understanding, No matter how hard you try, you cannot clap with one hand.

Will there always be prejudices for being different? but then again, who is to say that I am the different one. Couldn’t it be you?

The world hasn’t changed one bit, Not from selfishness or greed has man diverted his attention, Not from prejudices or pride has he learned that turmoil rears its ugly head, Not from discrimination, Not from false representation, Not from the notion that sabotaging one for his or her own religious background is as ludicrous as his thoughts about his own superiority.

Would you teach your child this then, maybe it is long overdue.

When you believe in something, put your whole heart and soul in it, Believe to give credit where it is due, Believe, To support and derive pleasure in giving, in pledging for the love of two, begin with you, Choose to understand all differences, And just like how you study to excel in your ambitions, study the language of peace and impart them through your actions.

We share the same race, The Human Race, We deserve the respect due.

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