Have a beautiful day

The bluebird with the long beak couldn’t wait for the break of dawn,

The rising of dawn, so she begins her thirst quenching mission.

A tender plant with beautiful flowers, a vision on a sunlit day,

Await to feed that little bird, her flowers of nectar brewed, sweet and delicious.

“What you thirst for, I do too,” said a butterfly who flew quite near.

“The sweet nectar is one I thirst for, just as you!”

“Butterfly, butterfly, you, who are light as a feather and flitter around on yellow tinged wings,

The world is as beautiful as the nectar is sweet, and made even more beautiful by your elegant touch of embrace.”

This beautiful vision of a peaceful day is something I thought would inspire one,

to write about and speak about and whisper to lighten hearts like me and you.

It looks like a perfect day to embrace.

What does your perfect day look like?


3 Comments on “Have a beautiful day

  1. A perfect day is free of distractions, or maybe full of them. To be distracted from the cares and responsibilities that weigh down and constrict. To be embraced by the sun, as by God. And simply to be.

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