The Moonlit Night

What a beauty of a full moon last night.

I had a picture drawn out by the world’s master poet – The Universe.

On a dark, uninspiring sky, a vision took hold of my senses,

“let me light up your world with my luminance,” the vision breathed, “not by words, instead, by my astounding appearance.”

The people looked up in appreciation.
“It’s a beautiful night,” they said. “There is a silent adoration, there is peace up above the skies. There is a universal exaltation.”

O, sky that is unawake, Even if the world below is alight, Have you noticed how I outshine and make you a contrast. I have raised awe and interest. My light has moved the world to wonder. “Isn’t it a marvelous night, lit by a full moon, the dark of the sky is the perfect canvas for a painter.”

Not a stirring came from the people below. Nor did their lighted homes give them much brightness.

For all night long, the moon showed off its brilliance.


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