This dream of a picture

Image result for free images of waterfalls

I saw this dream of a picture,

That traced the colors, blue.

Cossetted by rocks, boulders, and stones,

Of springs of rushing waters,

A touch of sensation,

A vibrant display of hues.

At its height of beauty, when night time did fall,

A shining light did I see,

Nestled between cavernous hues.

It brought back a dream I once dreamed.

The one where the blinding light shone.


In that dream where blue tints tickled my senses,

The white light that shone bright, led me through,

A dark and winding path to nowhere,

The road took me away from gloom.


I now am showered by blue spring waters,

That rushed to create ripples below,

down to a stream that winds into rivers and seas,

And, glides past rocks and boulders and stones.


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