A lovely tribute

Two years ago, I had the distinct honor of translating Jose Marti’s Golden Age stories from English to

Bahasa Malaysia. It was the first time I had read his stories and I was really inspired by his storytelling ways. There was always a moral behind his wise and even humorous stories. I have them in my homepage: alittletimewithshobana.blogspot.com under the articles section.

The book launch which was delayed because of the lockdown, was done by zoom call today:

H.E. Ibete Fernandez’s message was as follows:

Today we hosted the book launching of stories from the Golden Age of Jose Marti, translated into Bahasa Malaysia. First time a Cuban author is translated to this language and it was the homage of the embassy of Cuba on the 168 anniversary of the birth of Jose Marti, the National Hero of Cuba. It was a beautiful project of two years in which hands from the center of Latin American studies of the National University of Malaysia, from Dato Vincent Sim president of art expo Malaysia and member of Friends of Cuba, of Shobana Gomes a Malaysian writer and mother of a doctor graduated in #Cuba as well as from Dr Sheereen Zainodin get together to make this dream come true. We are happy to have contributed to spread through the reading the legacy of our Jose Marti, his #IdealsOfLigth ! “Been cultured is the only way of been free” . Our acknowledgements to the Cuban Book Institute and Jose Marti Editorial.

And to that, I say thank you:

It is truly an honor to have played a vital role in the historical translation of the Golden Age stories of Jose Marti, from English to Bahasa Malaysia in conjunction with the 168th anniversary of his birth. It is the first time a Cuban author’s work is translated to Bahasa Malaysia, and circulated to Malaysian Institutions. As the translator, I cannot explain the pride I feel being part of this historical venture between Cuba and Malaysia. Viva Cuba! #IbeteFernandez – shobana

I have been to Cuba twice. First, when my daughter went to join the Medical Fraternity, and then

for her graduation. It was like going back to the past, simply awe-inspiring, someday i will tell about my trip in detail.


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