Visionaries and Integrators - Part 1: Why Both Are Essential

There were the days of the visionaries,

People who made collectives come true,

People who strived to uphold integrity, the oath declared, a sacred one,

true to their promise they stand, united, never wavering in their willful journey

to make the world so much better than before.


They were recognized as stewards of their countries, irrespective of race,

of religion, of creed.


These visionaries charted a path to proclaim victory,

Mostly arduous routes to bear, they rise above their challenges,

Often cited with example, Often studied in historical context,

Often a reminder to the next world.


With a mark of respect, we hail visionaries, bold enough to fight

against a divided world in order achieve good.

It is only the good and not diabolical who become visionaries,

as lives depend on their ruling, their actions, and their intentions.


I always wondered about visionaries, how they inspired the world,

with their presence. Most of them, not only create history, they also show that before they had a dream, they possessed ambitions, and it was mostly for the benefit of mankind.

Let’s salute visionaries, past, present and future.


Did you watch the inauguration of President Joe Biden, and Vice-President Kamala Harris? A lovely ceremony.

I loved the poem by Amanda Gorman.

I watched the first family, and the newscaster said that they were a very close knit family.

A few years ago, Mr. Hunter Biden followed me on Twitter:) That was during Mr. Obama’s presidency. I used to send some of my poems to Mr. Obama and Michelle on their official websites. Michelle Obama, I know loves poetry, in fact, both of them do.

When Mr. Obama’s reign ended, I received a “Thank you,” mail from the White House.

How neat is that? I sometimes tag Mr. Hunter Biden to the poems I write on my blogs since he reads them.

President Joe Biden’s speech was really heartfelt, genuine.

Here’s wishing the best to the people of America and their American dream – shobana

5 Comments on “Visionaries

  1. You have a way of letting us see above the event in a space that we can understand from a third dimension.

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  2. I witnessed the ceremony. Nice and gracious one. Above all, Congratulations to you on your literary achievements 🎉

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