After the Rain

View of the sky from my home yesterday!

These are rainy days here in Malaysia. A couple of states in the country are affected by flooding, unfortunately.

Indoors, most of the time, I stare out my window every now and then, while doing some reading or writing.

Yesterday, I watched the rainwater splash onto my windows and trickle down the panes, and thought how refreshing the scenery outside was, a glazed view and nourished weather greeted my appraising eyes. 

It was terribly cold though, and I kept thinking about some of my holidays abroad when I felt compelled to snuggle under the covers in my hotel room and keep myself warm instead of exploring a new place. However, the weather never got me down, no matter the snow, or the rain, neither the heat nor the pain, lol, though I must say I complained quite a bit. Wouldn’t you? When you plan an outing and the weather challenges you with its usual unpredictability.
I must say that once and that was in Colorado, I caught the death of cold but still made it to the Rocky Mountains. I miss it now.

So then, after the rain stopped, I stared out the window and caught the above beautiful view of the sky. It seemed like a painter had strewn white paint across the darkened blue clouds, still heavy from all that raining. It is a magnificent view, wouldn’t you say so?

My poem “Let It Rain, Let it Shine” was published today on Penser Study Point website. Here’s the link below. Have a great day/night wherever you are, my friends.

Let It Rain, Let it Shine” is published on 06/01/21 on Penser Study Point website. (A guest post by invitation)

-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2021

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