A prelude to ending 2020. Made it all the more worthwhile to be appreciated. Mr. Fischetti bought 10 of my books on Amazon – The Healing Riverbeds – to gift as Christmas presents and he says this of my review on his book: –

I am blown away by your work. You are someone with a very special talent. Thank you so much for your work. I hope the story did touch you as a woman – P.E.Fischetti

Thank you, Sir.


Shobana’s Note:

I must say that the book has been a delight to review, an emotional roller coaster in a way, and one that would make P.E. Fischetti synonymous by its association.

“Miss Pretty Please,” is the 3rd of Fischetti’s novels, and ends the trilogy about the Finelli & Santucci families in Kensington and Bethesda, Maryland.

Set in 2029 and beyond, Fischetti writes about fifteen-year-old, Annie Finelli, the daughter of football legend Guy Finelli, and twenty-six-year-old, Russell Santucci, a talented pianist, and the nephew of baseball hero of Alex Santucci. Russell is undergoing a mid-life crisis (twenty years early) and only by playing the piano, does his life seem of significance. He battles to contain his sexual desires, drug abuse, and alcohol intake.

The two main characters in the story who have a significant age gap, with Annie still a teenager, and Russell in his mid-twenties is a cause for faltering as they both work on their own talents and ambitions to achieve stardom since their families are well-known for their greatness and achievements. Russell and Annie are expected to excel in their fields of expertise by their ambitious, and successful families. It is also illegal for Russell to get involved sexually with someone younger than the legal age of eighteen.

Their attraction for each other is instantaneous on their first meeting, and they fall in love, awakened to each other’s sensuality at Annie’s fifteen birthday party when they meet for the second time.

In Miss Pretty Please, Mr. Fischetti has managed to present the characters portrayed in a clear and concise manner, making the reader envision all details and events outlined in his book with vivid clarity.

Fischetti has also cleverly managed to tell a story that has given us an insight into families of intermixed friendships dating back to the 60s and it is interesting to read of their way of life. His imaginative way of constructing the story in the futuristic year of 2029 and beyond and detailing the smart technology of the era is also to be commended. He has given the story a futuristic touch in a very authentic way.

I must say that Fischetti has a very down to earth way to storytelling and in Miss Pretty Please, he has aptly written a story that captures a reader’s rapt attention and imagination. His storytelling flows smoothly, his description of the sequences that take place is concise and he has presented the various emotions and experiences of the characters in an unpretentious way.

With two other books published leading to the trilogy of Miss Pretty Please, namely, The Big Train’s Backyard in 2013, and The Safety in 2015, I think Fischetti’s publications are worth the time and read for its originality and creativity imparted in a novel way.

I would definitely recommend Miss Pretty Please as an exceptionally written, vivid, and entertaining read.

-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020.

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