Twas On the Eve of Christmas

Twas on the Eve,

As the hour beckons,

I see a light, flickering in the distance,

The skies are aglow, twinkling in its luminance,

I stand in awe, as the light radiate its brilliance,

I hear angels, I see them as they appear,

On harps, on timbrels,

As trumpets blow,

The stars constellate , the shepherds below, they stand witness,

As hymns of good tidings are sung in gentle persuasion,

In praise, in exaltation,

The birth of a newborn is awaited with anticipation,

To raise the world to believe, to hope, to have faith, and to love.

shobana – All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We had a beautiful time with my sister and family on Christmas Eve, ushering in the Christmas Day at the stroke of midnight. Made all the more special as it was my Mom’s birthday too. There was a present for everyone!! Here are some photos at my sister’s gorgeous home – almost paradise!

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