Now More Than Ever, Christmas Is To Be Celebrated.

A new podcast for you.

Remember those carefree days when the excitement of celebrating Christmas – would get us hyped and ready – to usher in the occasion grandly? Do you feel the same excitement now? 

For days, we would go shopping for the nitty-gritty things that make Christmas what it is – a spectacular reconciliatory celebration. 

Families from near and far would return home to make it the special get-together celebration that it is.

I have always felt the grandness of Christmas, and I have kept with that tradition of celebrating it and making it as special as I can for everyone around me as much as for myself. 

My house becomes a lighted enchantment. 

There is a sense of abandonment during the yuletide season – isn’t there. Happiness envelopes us and there is always that Christmas song behind our minds. The air seems lighter, and the world much joyful.

Listen to more of the podcast.

Have a beautiful celebration – shobana

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