December 10, Human Rights Day

I may not live tomorrow, but when I die, I want to be known as the best thing there ever was!

Today, December 10, is Human Rights Day.

What an irony it feels to me since there are so many injustices yet to be addressed the world over.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs when people are still denied freedom of expression, security, and the right to live as they wish at the turn of yet another decade.

The right to life is a basic human right, and I feel of paramount importance given what is happening around us at this moment in time.

To make matters worse, the Covid19 has practically turned the world upside down. We now live a new norm, and again, we are besieged by another form of suppression – we are now restricted in our ability to move around freely, confined to our homes, and learning to accommodate to a new way of living.

What an alarming state of affairs.

Then, there are those killings…

Nothing is permanent in life. No one person is superior to another. We need to live as dignified human beings to make this world a better place.

Once respect for each other, tolerance for diversity added with a little kindness becomes part of us, I can assure you that the world will move towards a just and better world. There will be greater avenues for peace. Isn’t that ultimately what we want in order to survive in this brutal world?

Please find the United Nations article link here:

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4 Comments on “December 10, Human Rights Day

  1. Im really enjoying your blog posts, you are one of my favourite bloggers here, on a more personal note, your smile is amazingly beautiful my friend.


  2. You are right. Thanks for sharing this timely article. The UDHR of UN is a milestone document that proclaims the inalienable rights to all, but it is up to us to ensure that nobody is discriminated against in our surroundings. Happy Human Rights Day!!


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