Of Beauty

Beauty comes in many forms,

I have seen it through your eyes, is an acclaim one seeks,

For if beauty is to be appreciated,

It has to make an impression to an eye that appreciates,

Do you think not?

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There was a time he asked me?

Why do you write most of beauty?

I look up at the dazzling Sun whose rays can blind, whose touch can torch,

who dries up winter, and riverbeds run dry.

“Because beauty has been through the harshest climate, before it creates

a vision unparareled to chapter an impression.”

-shobana- Copyright@shobana2020


Do you believe in Magic?



Do you believe in Magic? Not the hocus-pocus kind of magic, but something that will leave you entranced by the magic of life.

Listen to a dream I had when I was eight, and how I later realized that it was a revelation to me…

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