A free heart maketh a beauty untamed.

Every turn a difference I see,

Not one looked alike – was this me?

So, I asked the mirror –“What do you see?”

It said a little coyly – “No wrinkles do I see!”

So I said in return, “Mirror, mirror on the wall,

If there is one thing I want most of all,

Is to see a face that remains happy with a smile,

Coz’ I heard it said, Smiles don’t age…”

And the mirror replied, “Vanity, my dear friend, vanishes through the years! So smile throughout your years, a free heart maketh a beauty untamed.”

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He asked me again if I thought the world beautiful,

And I replied, “As fresh as the morning dew, or the petals of a full bloomed rose, the world is as beautiful as the colors of its sunlit riverbeds, invigorating as the freshest grapevines, as gentle as snowflakes, as pristine as the risen lakes, and as majestic as the mountains that captivate the world above as it does the world below. Do you see it the way I do?”

-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020


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