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It’s funny but sometimes the mountains seem so easy to climb. There are those snowcapped peaks that show us how it showcases to the world, the freezing it carries on its mighty shoulders, then there are those that look like they are languishing in bliss, with sun streaked tropics covered by surreal mists.


The mountains may look like they are easy to climb – all from afar. Until, an adventurer tries to reach its peak, thinking highly of his capability and falling short of expectation. Why, even the highest mountain in the world boasts of meagre numbers. These were men who flexed their muscles, trained their bodies, strengthened their minds before embarking on their mission to trace their names among the clouds.


The mountains who have stood the test of time, await the feet of a wanderer. Its spirits are of those who has seen the gravest of storms. When storms gather among the clouds, the mountains are raised to its turbulence. While the ground breaks at its feet, its rumble will cause the earth to blister.


The mountains remain an abode for some, a mystery to the rest of the world, a giant silent observer, and a challenge, not to the meek, but to the courageous.


There is so much happening in the world right now, but I don’t think mountains can be moved. It can be demolished, it can be built around, it can be a symbol, but it can never be dismissed. All it takes is an understanding of what a mountain is and means to the world in general. Through generations, some mountains have remained as part of our inheritance, our right, our entitlement. As still as a mountain stands, it stands rooted to the ground, and has its sights on the clouds. Humble, yet on top of the world!


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