Baby Aarav Goes Back Home

Baby Aarav, the light of my life, goes back home after 8 absolutely endearing months with us. His most exciting place to be is “my room,” where he plays, finds my dressing table interesting, my computer – his “untouchable” venture, always trying to open my cupboards, fascinated with the little gadgets there, and before he naps he watches his nursery rhymes on tv.

Of course, one bag wasn’t enough for his toys, his red car, swing and slide set, rocking horse, and countless other toys he left behind, to be shipped off later. He was happy he got to take his drum set.

I am missing him so much. But, the Covid 19 did reunite our family for 8 precious months. So, in a way, it brought us much joy. We celebrated birthdays, went on holidays, and just enjoyed the togetherness we had missed for years.

Have a safe trip darling (plus mom and dad), and see you back soon.


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