In Finality

Awakening by Vlad Gluschenko | Royalty-Free Music Promoted by free

And, finally I reach for the light,

It seems to have been unattainable all these years,

I trudged along, sometimes in darkness, making sure I miss the traps laid out in deceit.

Deceit comes in many forms,

There is the deceitful notions, the ones laden with promises,

There is the deceitful smile, behind which venom spits,

There is the deceitful words, the ones that are believably fake,

There is deceit, deceit in many forms.


I am unfazed by it all – for out of my mouth there is nothing untrue, not now, not then.

I speak as I see fit, which frightens guilty mortals,

I am unfazed by the deceit that have imprisoned me all the years,

Maybe now, I am free, freed.

Nevertheless, I walk wary, my feet heavy sometimes,

But as I shake my head in disgust,

I see two or three of those mortals fall….


-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobanagomes

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