When a Leaf Falls

Vancouver and Clark County's leaf coupon plan for not falling behind |  ClarkCountyToday.com

When leaves fall, pick one up to mark a page,

As the page turn to pages, then into a handcrafted book,

The leaf will tell you its aging, and if you have captured your words with its aging,

A reminder it becomes, to mark your efforts in paging.


The story of a leaf is just as a newborn,

In the beginning,

Tiny in form, until it overshadows its tree,

Then it falls, to fill the Earth with its beautiful clutter,

Nourishing the soil, earmarking the land for more of its joys.


When a leaf falls, even the seasons change with its fall,

Nature is its witness, for the leaf has left its branches leafless,

To end its fleeting cycle of life,

And, provide the earth with its nurturing.

-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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2 Comments on “When a Leaf Falls

  1. The poem is a reflection of life when a butterfly is seen as a chaste insect passing through. To translate a meaning
    to a meandering beauty takes an imagination and creativity. Well written.


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