I Don’t Know If People Who Have It All Are the Happiest & The Route to Chaos (a new podcast)

I Don’t Know / The Route To Chaos (3.31 min.) OCTOBER 30, 2020¬†SHOBANA GOMES¬† Description Hi, this is Shobana, and this new podcast is on two poems I wrote at the start of the pandemic. I hope… Read More

Baby Aarav Goes Back Home

Baby Aarav, the light of my life, goes back home after 8 absolutely endearing months with us. His most exciting place to be is “my room,” where he plays, finds my dressing table interesting, my computer – his… Read More

The World Is Tired.

Between gunshots in a barren CountryThe screams are from both men and women,Children run amidst those fears, a trauma grips their lifeForever scared ~~On a clear, blue tinted sky, the sound of an engine dies a sudden deathThe… Read More