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No, not everything is about ME….Somedays it is about YOU!

It is like staring at a reflection of yourself in stagnant waters,

Crystal clear, clarity paramount in every detail projected.

Have you thought about what it does if you disturb its peacefulness?

You become disengaged and mirror a distorted image instead.


Not everyone is set to walk through life in stagnant waters,

Undisturbed, unflustered, sure of their footing,

Most walk a mile aimless before they turn back to find the right route,

Most walk into trouble before they are relieved of their troubles.


I once walked where the nails dug deep into my skin,

Now, I know to tread with care, avoiding the pitfalls that life is so good at surprising me with.

I once had a smile for everyone that crossed my way,

Now I smile at only the ones who I think deserves one from me….



All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020


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