I love this picture, it speaks to me, touches my soul, and inspires a peace within me.

I walked into the woods, following my heart,

There was no sound,

None, not even the sound of the creatures there abound.


What silenced was the stillness from none other than the Sun,

Its rays touched the barren grounds, strewn with dried leaves, and dust,

The branches, the trees, it anointed with a colorful meaning,

Much like “basking in the Sun.”


I looked up, standing in the shade and watched its mesmerizing descent,

As it sprinkled yellow tinges on the plain of the woods,

What beauty it conjured to a woodsman such as I.


The silence was just as captivating….


I watched while the clouds turned,

Without making any noise,

It wasn’t time for the rumble of the clouds,

Hence, in silence, I watched a union between the Sun, its rays, and its crossing into Earth’s boundaries,

The enticing union of the spiraling Sun into the drenches of a longing world below….

-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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