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Is it already Friday?? Well, there goes AUGUST in its august way, breezing past us into a new foray:)

I was just thinking how life throws us some inevitable questions? And, here are a few of mine I want to share with you.

  1. Languages

Mom says I speak my mother tongue, Malayalam like English. I studied intermediary French and am still trying to speak French like the French do, though it has gotten rusty over the years because I never had a chance to practice it with a real life person! When I worked with the French years ago, I was still in the infancy stage. The only one I could trust to speak/listen were those internet tutorials! And, that has also taken a back seat for the longest time due to my interest in writing and stuff like that…I am still trying to get somewhere with the writing!

So then, would you laugh at Malayalam spoken the English way? My mom says that it is better to keep quiet than try to speak it that way. “Just say what you want to say in English, please, mola. But mom, how do I improve then?”


2. Poetry

Have you had people come up to you and tell you that they are not really sure what you want to say in your poem, but, they preferred your book better. That was clear cut – whatever was written in the book, I mean!!

But then, poems are not meant to be fully understood – or are they?

Where did you learn how to write poetry? The Bible – it is all in there.

I swear I don’t know the full text of the bible, but I read verses and passages, and it has been years and I still haven’t nearly completed the whole text of the bible. But, I do read Psalms, Solomon’s Songs, Job’s laments, and I believe it teaches me how to write poetry my way!

The answer I get:- Really?? Gosh! I think I will stick to the conventional way of learning how to write a poem! They walk away looking at me funny!

Having said that, I read a lot of famous poets and learned how to write poetry the conventional way online, and am still learning…


3. Do you fear for your life in any way?

Of course, but who cares! I can fear for my life all I want, no-one will know or take an interest in it, and anyway isn’t it my battle to be won.

Then again, being fearful taught me to become fearless. Yes, it does get to that point, someday!

4. Do you believe that your life is your own?

Well, hmmm, NO! I think I have lived all my life for the sake of others! You need to live for/with others in order to live – period!

Is that correct? – any comments.


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