Who Said What!

Birds Singing | Free Sound Effects | Animal Sounds

Did you really think that?


Whisper, whisper,whisper,

The words gets mangled, the news get distorted, the topic becomes another….


What?? Did she really do that?

Is he really the billionaire?

Where did they find her?

In a forlorn state, forsaken and left for dead.


Why, Oh Why?

Do you not see the seriousness of the crime?

Is it better to be talked about or be the one to talk,

I would rather be the talked about,

for one day, the truth will be OUT.


Is she like that? Where is she from? Is he the one in love with her, or is it the other one?

The birds chatter, carried by the winds, and when it reaches the mouth of the Seagulls,

it becomes a torrid tale..it becomes a huge momentous tale with lies in between!


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobanagomes2020

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