In Every Color, I See A Little Of You.

In every color, I see a little of you,

Blue – in the serenity of your face,

Red – the flaming fire of love in your eyes,

Yellow – Brightness that magnifies your laughter,

Orange – that shade where flames of love kindled with the yellow of sunshine merge,

White – the effervescent spirit of purity that prevails in you,

Black – Your eyes of ebony that mesmerizes the world around you,

Grey – As you ponder a little of your melancholy flits across your face,

Brown – The shade reminiscent of the Earth colors, befitting you,

Pink – A naivety that is so becoming,

Green – Each time you think that I have forgotten about you.

In every color I see a little of you.

-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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