Sunday Notes for the Soul

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Life is as fragile as the Bunga Raya petals. Value it. Even when its beauty fades, didn’t it outshine once to leave a lasting impression?

  1. I woke up, so I am gifted with another day.
  2. I watched the dark clouds as it turned into lighter shades, before the morning I welcomed.
  3. I lifted my soul to a Sunday’s sunrise, where quietude resides.
  4. I found a new flower that bloomed overnight, it stood resplendent amongst the soft fall of the morning drizzle. I thought it looked as fresh as the world around it.
  5. A cup of coffee, breakfast of my choice, I read a little, and write a lot.
  6. Ah…yes, the rest of the day I have to do as I please…

Have a lovely Sunday everyone, and you are most welcome to read a fairy tale I wrote. Fairy tales take you to far away places, and lets you imagine. It is magical, and it lets you forget the weariness of a tiresome world. So, imagine, and live life like there is no tomorrow! -shobana-

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