Fearing the Fearless

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Not even the dark clouds that gathered ahead of me, deterred me. There were the known among the unknown, and I knew I had the choice of an ant, when its crosses the borders between bark and leaves, it had to sprint, or lag behind, trying to keep up, trying to work harder to arrive at a destination, with its friends, so that none loses the other, so that the load on their backs, though heavy,

remain SAFE,


I thought about the destination, where and how it would present itself, if ever I made it alive, Some said I would die a cruel death by the sword of an evil’s eye. Not I, I thrived among the fearless. No evil could take hold of a child like me. I belonged to the warriors of another world. It is there I learnt how to live fearless, and be feared for my courage. To be seen as the fearless.


Some whispered that I was not of sound mind. But, how could I tell the difference then? Between saboteurs and killers, between backlashes and hoards of mean men and women, pretending to be good, trying to portray an image of innocence. Why were they trying to kill me off then? It was them trying to portray something I was not! I now rise as the victor.

I could tell the difference between the good and bad. I was gifted that way, even through my tortures.


While I lived a fearful life, I learnt how to be fearless, and rise to be the eclipse of the Sun.


-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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