Does Earth Have A Destiny

(An Extract from “The Healing Riverbeds”

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Does the world have a destiny?

I mean, does Earth which is home to every species and living organisms known to humanity, have a destiny?

I think it does, only because, all of its inhabitants have irrevocably charted a destiny for it. It either thrives or it crumbles given how it has been treated from the time of inception. From the days of Adam and Eve.

Anyway, this is one question that really deserves analysis, considering the circumstances we find ourselves in today.

Is Earth now fighting back the only way it can? Has it somehow used the very people who destroyed it as its footstool, so that it can by some sane measure rotate peacefully, without being at the mercy of exhausting extensive discrimination from mankind?

Perhaps that is why natural calamities are on the rise. It is Earth fighting back.

We are now into the first few months of 2020, a new decade, and regrettably, the world has been forced into one of dysfunction.

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