You, the difference

Free Images : sunrise, beach, coconut, palm tree, sunset, cloud ...

Have you noticed how a picture stands out in the dark?

The ambience without clutter,

The radiance without daylight,

The luminescence under a moonlight.


Do you feel like you are in another dimension?

Like your feet is above the ground,

Like you can walk without a sound,

Like you and I are free from prying eyes.


Have you heard the sound of the waves,

Even when the Sea is at a distance?

It is all in your mind,

That special place for words and rhyme,

That none can denounce or decipher.


So, imagine as much as you want,

Believe in the wisdom of your heart,

Hear the tiny voice inside of you,

The one who is braver than you,

And listen, there is an abundance of choice within you.


-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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