Then I Came Along

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A long time ago,

When Sunrises were taken for granted,

I ran with the wildflowers, growing tall on sprawling meadows.


Some days were long,

While others thrust forward, just like the milestones I tread,

Liberating, freeing and embracing.


One day, a stranger found me,

At the beck of that Sunrise unappreciated,

Struggling to keep up with the winds of storm.


He picked me up when the Sun went down,

Carried me across to a safer path,

That was filled with thistles, thorns and needles.


I say, this path is for the dead! Who thrives within this captivity?


I heard him say ever so softly,

The Sunrise never shades, its glare is to brighten the world,

When you run with the wildflowers and the meadow,

It magnifies your world bereft of beauty,


As tiring as it may seem the world’s load you carry,

As cumbersome as it is to encounter confrontation,

Creation embodies your future,

Laid bare, without shade, for all the world to see,

One day to know of your intricate imaginings.


And, then I came along,

For the once captive world to be set free!


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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